Common questions about side effects of growth hormone

8 Q: Does growth hormone make the child’s resistance drop after use?

A: it doesn’t affect immunity. On the contrary, basic medical research has confirmed that growth hormone can improve immunity.

9 Q: Can you have a fever with growth hormone?

A: injection of growth hormone does not cause fever.Fever is concerned with infection, should go to a hospital checking (if assay blood is regular), wait for infection to control hind reuses medicaments.

10 Q: Does growth hormone make the hands and feet bigger?

A: generally speaking, if a child has a younger bone age and is treated at the recommended dosage, there will be no enlargement of the hands or feet.If the child begins growth hormone treatment when the epiphysis is close to closure, the application of growth hormone dose is larger, the hands and feet may become larger, but this will not bring life risk, only on the appearance of the aesthetic impact.

11 Q: Does the use of growth hormone have an effect on a child’s own growth and development?

A: no.

(1) GH is a non-heterotropic protein naturally existing in the human body, and the dose used in clinical practice is the minimum effective amount, which is safe and effective and will not have a negative impact on children’s growth and development.

(2) it will not affect the patient’s own secretion, because it is precisely because the patient cannot secrete growth hormone or insufficient secretion, or can not play a role, so it needs to be given exogenously, and it is the minimum effective dose, so it will not form a negative feedback effect and inhibit the GH secretion.

12Q: Does growth hormone therapy make kids fat?

A: no.Because growth hormone can degrade fat, it plays an important role in regulating the rate of fat cell melting.It can induce adrenergic receptors on the adipocyte membrane, leading to the effect of lipid thawing.In addition, growth hormone affects glucose metabolism, reduces the sensitivity of cells to insulin, and can also reduce the use of glucose in peripheral tissues. Therefore, children with growth hormone will not gain weight.

13 Q: Can inject growth hormone cause hair to increase?

A: no.The increase of hair of the child that enters adolescence and adolescence kidney are gland cortex function and sexual gland function are concerned, have nothing to do with growth hormone.

14Q: Are children dependent on drugs?

A: no.Little children because of growth hormone secretion disorder (including quantity and active factors such as growth hormone secretion), GH is not sensitive to wait for a reason, the purpose of the use of growth hormone treatment is added exogenous growth hormone, can promote the growth of children height only, if the drug withdrawal, children will be in accordance with the original growth speed, the secretion of itself does not have any effect.

15Q: Fear growth hormone promotes epiphysis mature, does the child end height instead short?

A: no.Since growth hormone is a hormone in the body that promotes the linear growth of bones, it has no effect on the growth of epiphyseal maturation. If growth hormone is used to promote the growth of epiphyseal maturation, the growth rate of the children is actually several times higher than that before the treatment, and the growth rate has been effectively kept up with the height.The benefits of growth hormone use far outweigh the risks of mild bone age growth.

16 Q: Can you produce antibody after taking drug?What are the effects and what can be done about them?

A: if long-term use of powder, may produce a small amount of antibodies, no impact on the body.But it may affect the treatment.In this case, it is recommended to change the use of long-acting or water agent, or alternate use.Water is the only natural structure of growth hormone.Antibody zero detection, safer, more effective.Long acting is the world’s first pegylated long acting growth hormone injection, once a week, significantly improve the treatment compliance.The biological activity of long-acting and water-based agents is higher, and the treatment effect of long-acting and water-based agents is more stable.

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Common questions about side effects of growth hormone

1 Q: What are the most serious side effects of auxin therapy?

A: growth hormone does not have serious side effect, a few children produce oedema, local injection place is painful wait, can disappear naturally commonly.

2 Q: Growth hormone is “hormone”, can you have harm to the child’s body?

A: we usually say “hormone” mean glucocorticoid commonly, long-term use can make the child gain weight.However, growth hormone is totally different from glucocorticoid in terms of physiological function, secretion and regulation.In children, the role of growth hormone is mainly to promote the linear growth of bone, so that the body grow tall.In addition, it can promote protein synthesis and accelerate fat decomposition.Treatment with growth hormone under doctor’s supervision is very safe.

3 Q:Does growth hormone affect a child’s intelligence?

 A: no effect on intelligence.

4 Q: Does growth hormone therapy cause tumors?

A: a large number of medical studies have been done in Europe and the United States, and medical literature suggests that the incidence of tumor after growth hormone treatment is 2 to 3 in 100,000, which is basically the same as the incidence of normal population, and there is no significant difference, indicating that growth hormone treatment will not lead to tumor.

5 Q: Can growth hormone treatment cause sexual precocity?Early puberty?

A: growth hormone treats won’t cause precocious, the action mechanism of growth hormone is to promote physeal linear growth, only sex hormone just is stimulative sex grows.Growth hormone therapy does not advance puberty.

6 Q: Does growth hormone cause diabetes?

A: growth hormone does not cause diabetes.However, growth hormone can cause transient blood glucose rise. Patients with a family history of familial diabetes need to be highly cautious. Before treatment, children need to have their blood glucose checked.

7 Q: Short stature girl inject growth hormone treatment, can you bring about infertile?

A: at present, there is no data showing infertility. On the contrary, relevant medical studies have confirmed that somatropin can be used as an adjuvant therapy for some infertility.

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Male muscle growth fitness several foods

Men want to have strong muscles but don’t have time to exercise, so you can eat to build muscle, let you even invincible female.

  1. Salmon:
    Six ounces (170 grams) of salmon provides 34 grams of protein, four grams of omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy fat that reduces swelling and helps muscle repair, and it helps suppress cortisol.
    (as cortisol levels drop, testosterone levels rise, helping muscles grow.)
    A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids also allows most of the glucose absorbed to enter the muscles rather than being converted into fat.
  2. Lean beef:
    Many people who struggle to build muscle mistakenly discard fat, thinking it will increase body fat.
    But in combination with the omega-3 found in fish, the saturated fat found in beef can actually help muscle growth.
    Too little saturated fat can harm levels of testosterone and insulin-like growth factors, hormones that help build muscle.
    Beef is also a source of cholesterol, the body’s own main source of testosterone.
    Of course, beef is also rich in creatine, B vitamins and zinc.
  3. Eggs,
    Nutritionists have different ways of scoring the ability of various protein foods to promote growth.
    Eggs are at the top of almost every standard.
    Because they are easily absorbed — the body can easily break them down into amino acids, the raw material for muscle growth.
    Whole eggs are also high in healthy fats, saturated fats and lecithin, which help muscle growth.
    Egg yolks may not be ideal for sculptural lines, but don’t forget them during off-season weight gain.
  4. Whole milk:
    If you have a hard time gaining weight but are craving meat, don’t drink fat-free, reduced-fat milk!
    Those are for people who are on a diet.
    A 16-ounce serving of whole milk provides 16 grams of protein and 16 grams of fat.
    Compared with other foods, the fat in milk is generally short chain.
    Short-chain fats are more synthetic, prevent muscle breakdown, and they are less likely than other fats to be stored as body fat.
    The fat in milk helps the body absorb vitamin D, reducing the risk of cancer.
    It’s no accident that the big boys of the ’60s and’ 70s, Arnold and franco, drank so much whole milk.
  5. Apple juice:
    The irony is that crazy gym visits are actually about tearing muscles.
    You will reap the rewards later when your body begins to repair, and overdo it.
    Drinking 12-16 ounces of apple juice before going to the gym provides 45-60 grams of carbs and is quick.
  6. White bread:
    You know the rule — eat fewer refined carbohydrates, which contain less fiber and nutrients than whole grains, and boost insulin levels.
    A lot of times.
    Then, white bread is really good for you after your workout.
    Because you need easily digestible carbohydrates to restore your depleted muscle glycogen levels and boost insulin secretion to help muscle growth and suppress post-workout cortisol.
    Four slices of white bread provide about 50 grams of easily digestible carbohydrates.
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Difference between water and powder of growth hormone

Growth hormone is a natural substance in every human body, which mainly promotes human growth and regulates metabolism in the body.
Medicinal growth hormone since going public in 1958, mainly used in the treatment of endogenous growth hormone deficiencies cause dwarfism, also has experienced four stages of development, change nature or the transition of the powder to the water, water of growth hormone has become the irreversible trend in the industry, so the difference between the agent and powder?
The development of growth hormone mainly goes through three stages: the first stage is from pituitary-derived to gene engineering technology expression, avoiding the hidden danger of exogenous virus;
The second stage is from powder to water, the space structure and the natural structure of the same, antibody zero detection;
The third stage is from short effect to long effect, which greatly improves the medication compliance of patients.

Whether doctors or patients, for a long-term treatment of drugs, more attention is paid to the safety of drugs, followed by the efficacy and convenience.
And the cost of water is higher than powder, is because of its safety advantages far higher than powder.
The data of nearly a thousand registered clinical trials at home and abroad show that: at present, the antibodies of the marketed growth hormone water agents are all zero, while the powders are all produced with antibodies.
The water agent adopts the protein liquid stabilization technology to maintain the natural conformation of growth hormone.
The best prescription formulation is a natural structure of protein drugs;
Children are at high risk of antibody development, and the harmful reaction of immune complex may be small or serious enough to threaten life.
The main application group of growth hormone drugs is children, and more attention should be paid to the risk of immunogenicity.
The water agent is packaged in a card bottle and an injection pen system, which avoids the contamination of glass fragments, particles and microorganisms in the process of use, improves the medication compliance of patients and ensures a safer injection process at the same time.

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What is growth hormone (HGH)?

Growth hormone is DNA recombinant human growth hormone, which has the same effect as human growth hormone.Promotes bone, internal organs and body growth.Promote protein synthesis, affect fat and mineral metabolism, play a key role in human growth and development.About 80% of the subcutaneous injection was absorbed, and the peak blood concentration was reached within 5 hours, with a half-life of 4 hours.90% of the injection dose was metabolized in the liver, and only 0.1% was excreted by the biliary tract and kidney in its original shape.

Growth hormone (HGH)

Growth hormone


Department of internal medicine – endocrinology

Main symptoms: acromegaly (too much), dwarfism (too little), gigantism (too much)

The main cause of growth hormone secretion is abnormal

Children with high risk groups

The secretory part of the pituitary gland

Secretion and mechanism of growth hormone:
A general term for hormones that regulate and control the endocrine mechanisms of animals, so that the nutrients that enter the body are redistributed in a beneficial direction according to the growth needs of human beings.
Hormones regulate (increase or decrease) the speed of certain physiological responses, but by themselves do not provide the energy for these processes or initiate new metabolic responses.
So overstimulation of the original response is just as harmful as hormone deficiency.
In the past, thiouracil, iodized protein and etheoestrol were used as feed growth hormone additives, but they were soon found to have side effects and banned.
Currently used as a feed additive, growth hormone, with a molecular weight of about 22,000, is a pituitary hormone. It is a single-chain polypeptide molecule composed of 191 amino acids in a certain order, which can be extracted by the pituitary gland.
It can also be made using DNA recombination technology.
Growth hormone ACTS on the whole body, plays a role in protein synthesis, sugar metabolism, regulating renal function (glomerular filtration rate) and water metabolism, and increasing cell permeability to amino acids, thus promoting the growth of the body (bone, muscle and organ).
This kind of hormone has the specificity between species, the growth hormone existing in bovine body is only effective for bovine, it is used for heterogeneous animals, not only does not have the effect of promoting growth, but also produces adverse reactions.
When taken orally, the hormone is destroyed by digestive enzymes and broken down into amino acids.
Often do not need whole protein molecule, and want 38 ~ 40 amino acid fragment only, even smaller peptide also has activity, they can promote the growth of young animal, prevent the dwarfism that produces because of growth hormone secrete a quantity small;
Lactation can be increased in animals with lactation tissue.
There have also been advances in the use of growth hormones in pigs, which are injected into pigs to promote growth and increase lean meat.
The mechanism of action of hormones is quite different from that of common feed additives. Therefore, it is difficult to judge the overall advantages and disadvantages of hormones by general feeding test and metabolism test, which should be comprehensively evaluated from the perspectives of endocrinology, toxicology and genetics.
In addition, countries and regions with tight demand for protein resources should also consider their nutritional resource background and actual economic effect. Under the condition of low nutritional level, growth hormone is often difficult to obtain the expected effect.

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What effect does growth hormone have in fitness?

The main physiological functions of growth hormone are as follows: first, it promotes growth and development. It mainly promotes cell division and proliferation of bone, cartilage, muscle and other tissues and increases protein synthesis.So there’s no need to worry about fat.The second is to promote metabolism.Growth hormone promotes the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein.It is mainly manifested in protein metabolism and fat metabolism, which compete with insulin to reduce the body fat content, decrease the respiratory quotient, increase the ketone body, and increase the oxidative utilization of fat.The third is sugar metabolism.Therefore, the growth hormone has the promotion function to reduce the fat to increase the muscle.As for the question of hunger, most people will feel hungry when they see delicious food. If you want to have a good body shape, you have to pay the price of eating.

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Can you inject growth hormone intermittently?

A: no.Because if not continuous medication, drugs in the body to achieve a stable blood concentration, not to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.Therefore, it is recommended not to discontinue medication intentionally, and there will be a new initiation period for remedication.If you forget the injection once in a while, and the effect is not obvious, the next day you should still inject the same dose, do not increase the dose.Be sure to use the medicine strictly as prescribed.

Go to bed early and get up early every day, and get enough sleep for 8-10 hours/day, so that the growth hormone and other hormones related to growth and development in the body are in the best secretion and function.

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How to exercise when using growth hormone?

(1) Exercise can promote the secretion of growth hormone, promote the growth of bone, make bone longer, bone density increased, thereby promoting the growth of height, to help children using growth hormone increase amplitude to achieve the best curative effect.

(2) From the medical point of view, must do effective exercise or aerobic exercise, in 10-15 minutes to achieve a short period of blushing, sweating, rapid heartbeat, the pituitary secretion of GH, the height of the child to promote the growth.

(3) Jumping includes rope skipping, high jump, long jump and running, which is helpful for limb movement.Stretching exercises include horizontal bar pull-ups, sit-ups, forward and backward bending, various kinds of suspension exercises, which help to stretch the spine and the bones of the limbs.

(4) Whole-body sports, such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, football and swimming, help to extend the whole body skeleton.

(5) Other sports that promote height:

The first kind of lower limb movement: including rope skipping, high jump, vertical jump, monopod jump, bipedal jump, climbing stairs, climbing mountains, hiking, walking…

The 2nd kind is extend motion: include to jump aerobics, setting-up exercise, rhythmic exercise, kick leg presses leg…

The third kind of sports: ball games, rowing…The bounce motion that overcomes the earth gravitation is best, the motion of limbs and extend motion and systemic motion, be helpful for the extend of systemic skeleton outspread.

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How to inject growth hormone?

Growth hormone must be administered subcutaneously.Years of clinical research found that the method of subcutaneous injection once a day, the best efficacy, but also very safe.After years of research, the dose of growth hormone for the treatment of children with growth hormone deficiency is generally 0.1 unit per kilogram per day. For example, for children weighing 20 kg, 2 units of growth hormone can be injected subcutaneously every day.Also may according to the child’s specific condition, increases the dosage suitably.

The packaging of growth hormone drugs varies from company to company, with 2.5, 4, 10, 16 units per bottle.Growth hormone is a white powder, with a special liquid solution.As the growth hormone molecule is a structure of 191 amino acid chains, when dissolving the drug, the solution should flow gently from the bottle wall, and then, slowly twist the bottle with both hands, so that the drug is dissolved.Do not put the solution under high pressure into the vial containing the medicine. Do not oscillate with force to avoid damaging the natural structure of growth hormone and affecting the curative effect.

Growth hormone drugs generally should be kept in a 2 8 ℃ refrigerator, cold storage, namely note cannot be frozen!If you go out, bring a small curling bottle.Common syringe or pen syringe can be used for injection. Parents or children can learn how to inject, and their families or children can inject medicine by themselves.

Injection of growth hormone requires frequent site changes to prevent long time in the same site injection caused subcutaneous fat atrophy.Options are around the navel, upper arms, outer thighs, and buttocks.If it is on the same site, please note that each injection site should be more than 2cm apart.To ensure curative effect, periumbilical injection is recommended.

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Considerations during growth hormone therapy

(1) in general, no special attention is needed, and regular review is required according to the doctor’s advice during the medication period, so as to develop good living habits.Good exercise habits, sleep, diet and mood with treatment, the effect will be better.If you encounter any problems during the medication, please contact the regional after-sales service personnel or consult the doctor in time, and then give appropriate guidance according to the actual situation.

(2) the use of corticosteroids at the same time can inhibit the growth-promoting effect of growth hormone. Patients with ACTH deficiency should adjust the dosage of corticosteroids appropriately to avoid the inhibitory effect on the production of growth hormone.

(3) a small number of patients may have hypothyroidism in the process of growth hormone treatment, which should be corrected in time to avoid affecting the curative effect of growth hormone. Therefore, patients should have regular examination of thyroid function, and if necessary, the injection site of thyroxine tablets should be changed to prevent fat atrophy.

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